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Is the Martingale system better than the Henze system?

Martingale system

The Martingale system is often compared to the Henze system, as the two are among the most popular odds strategies. The Martingale system requires a good amount of patience and being able to keep a cool head.

Many people will find it difficult to keep betting their money, and even double, with three, four, five, or six losing games in a row. In fact, it often happens with sports betting that people end up losing money when they panic and rush to bet on odds to make up for lost winnings. If you have that tendency, it might be better to play with the Henze system. In that case, there are lower risks associated with your bets.

However, remember that you can of course also bet on sports betting without the Henze or Martingale system. As I said, there are many different odds systems, and you can also bet money on tennis, eSports and other sports without following a specific structure. It is most important to play responsibly and take time to familiarize yourself with what is being played on.

Play responsibly with the Martingale system

Play responsibly

We feel it is important to emphasize that you should always play responsibly with this system, and other systems for that matter. Whatever tactics you follow, never feel obligated to do anything specific.

Although the Martingale system dictates that you should keep doubling your bet every time you lose, it is important that you do so in moderation. If you bet freely without thinking about the money that you are betting, it can end very badly. Therefore, always make sure to keep a cool head.

Also remember that there is no specific time frame for the system. This means that you don’t have to keep betting at a high speed. In fact, the key to successful sports betting is that you take the time to analyze what you are betting on.

Let’s assume you have bet on a football match and lost that sports bet. With the Martingale system, in this case you must double your bet on the next match. But no one is saying you have to bet right now. You can easily lose a sports bet today and bet on a new one tomorrow or whenever it suits you.

Focus on much more than Martingale

more than Martingale

We’ve touched on it a bit already, but successful sports betting is about much more than tactics like this. You should analyze what you are playing on. This includes, among other things, analysis of the two opponents, knowledge of betting markets, statistics with head-to-head matches, form, injuries, etc.

Many times you can get even further with your odds bets when you not only think about procedure, but also analyze other people’s expert advice. At many of the betting sites that we have recommended further up, you can read expert advice from former athletes.

While the experts can never know for sure what will happen in, for example, a handball match, they have the expertise to analyze the match. Maybe they are better dressed than you. This applies especially if you are perhaps a beginner in relation to e.g. handball betting. There you can often be inspired by other people’s analyses, and finally make a well-considered decision.

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