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Coping During Losing Streaks

Losing Streaks

A good thing about Losing streaks is that they do not last forever. Remembering that winning streaks also happen is a good start to handling losing streaks. If you are skilled at finding value, there will eventually be a winning run that evens things out. In the end, it’s all about long-term success. Losing streaks should be nothing more than a little nuisance which is part of life, every day, bettor win millions at 22Bet, you could be one of them if you learn how to manage the bad days well.

Accept that Bad Days Comes

Accept that Bad Days Comes

This explains why some players are fortunate and win large sums of money. It is, nevertheless, one of the leading reasons of long-term financial failure for the majority of people, and it can cause bettors to lose interest in sports betting.

In any case, you must accept losses. It is always present in gambling. If you accept it right away, you may make the required changes, and as a serious bettor, you’ll be aware that there may be days when you lose 10 consecutive bets, as well as days when you win 10 consecutive bets.

Give Priority to Money Management

Bad runs might significantly deplete your funds. As a result, you should proceed with caution. In the event of bad luck, reduce your wager amount.

Each wager should cost between 1% and 2% of your total bankroll. You would have to lose at least 50 consecutive bets to go bankrupt, which is clearly improbable.

If you are a really aggressive bettor who wagers 10% or more, you have to be careful. After five poor bets, you’ve already lost half your roll. If you are serious about sports betting, you must have effective bankroll management skills.

Take A Pause

Take A Pause

Losing bet after wager can be mentally draining. Even when you bet smartly, things might still go wrong. If the streak is so bad that you’re losing patience, we recommend taking a break.

A week without gambling can be very good. It allows you to break your losing streak, adjust your strategy, and potentially even try to figure out what went wrong if you made any terrible decisions yourself. After your anger has faded, you can return and place another wager.

You can take a break and then return whenever you feel strong enough.

Continue looking for value bets

Value betting is critical. It is the only way to attain long-term success. When you lose a streak of bets, it appears that you are making terrible decisions. That may or may not be the case. However, don’t try to force things, and make your decisions as usual.

Continue to search until you come across a bet of obvious value. If there are no excellent bets, don’t force anything, and if there is only a modest value, you might want to pass.

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