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Different Ways to Bet on Sports

Ways to Bet on Sports

There are numerous ways to bet on sports on an online betting site, and all are very profitable. Sports betting is very massive, so if you are using the same option over and over again for your bet, it might become boring. On the other hand, these bookmakers might lower their odds to stop you from tearing down their website. 

In order to fully get the gambling experience and also be profitable, you will have to diversify your portfolio. These online platforms have made it possible by allowing you to try out multiple ways to help improve your chances of winning. So, whatever way you choose to place bets, profitability is guaranteed as long you do your research. You can therefore test out a variety of bet styles on the 22Bet platform to see which one fits your tastes.



Accumulators are probably the most common and lucrative way of betting in sports. It is also similar to multiple bets as it involves selecting numerous events in a single bet. Besides, you would need to understand how to make an acca bet slip in order to succeed at sports betting.

This method of betting requires extensive research because you are betting on multiple events. So, you would have to check the stats on every game you select, run your analysis and determine its success rate. Also, in an accumulator, the more events you select, the more your profit margin increases. 

In Play Betting 

Another way of betting in an online sportsbook is by staking in games already in play. It is one of the newest types of sports betting, and most experienced bettors use it. Unknown to many bettors, in-play live betting is one the easiest way of betting, and very easy to grasp. Additionally, it is accessible to bettors and is offered by every online sportsbook, making it simple for them to try.


It involves staking on only a single outcome, and that outcome only. It is one of the safest ways of betting, but it is not very lucrative due to its low odds. 

Bet Types with the Most Profitable Odds

Bet Types

There are so many options in sports betting that selecting an option becomes very confusing. You should always consider two factors when choosing a bet type: its profitability and success rate. Some of these possible bet types include.

  • Total Bets 

This bet type is also referred to as the over/under bet. It involves placing a bet on the total combined score of a game. So, you can select a score and choose if the game will go over or under your chosen score. 

  • Match Result

A match can end in only three possible outcomes; either a win, a draw, or a defeat. So, with this bet type, you can wager on how you think the game would end, each outcome with its own odd.

  • Handicap

This bet type involves giving the underdog an advantage, and it is slightly more profitable if the underdog is in form. The more advantage you give the underdog, the lower the odds margin.

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