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Tips and tricks for slot machines

tricks for slot machines

Read here what is worth knowing about online slots. What type of gamer are you? And how do you play the smartest way to avoid losing the rent to the one-armed thieves?

The selection of online and land-based casinos is large, as is the number of different slot machines. Although there is a great difference between the people who enjoy the game world, it is still possible to divide them into three general categories, namely the classic player, the progressive player and the modern player.

The classic player

The classic player is, as the name suggests, a fan of the classic slot machines. They do not want advanced graphics, animations or various exciting bonus schemes, but find pleasure in the simple designs of the classic slots.

The classic player prefers to settle for machines with just one, three or five paylines rather than the newer machines which are crammed with bonus material.

Unfortunately for this type of player, it becomes more and more difficult to dust off the completely simple slots, which is why there will only be fewer in this category over time. However, those that remain are highly valued by the online casinos.

The progressive player

progressive player

The progressive player does not play for the sake of the game, but for the hope of the big win. For many, the driving force lies in the old saying “someone has to win money”, which is why the progressive player will of course always go for the big win.

Since the progressive player only has the big jackpot in his sights, smaller wins will often be of no great interest. These will just be extra funds to invest in the dream of the jackpot.

Progressive players usually stick to a few favorite gaming sites, but are of course also not slow to sniff out jackpots that are growing really big. And when this happens, the high number of dreamy, progressive players will only pump the desired winnings even bigger.

The modern player

The modern player loves advanced graphics, impressive animations and all kinds of bonus material, which allows the player to disappear into another world while the game is going on.

This type of player is not dazzled by the huge winnings, but instead tries to increase his chances as much as possible through bonus functions, free spins and other modern features.

The modern type of player does not dedicate himself to a few favorite sites, but likes to jump from casino to casino. With the spread of online casinos, this type of player has gradually become the most common.

Before you dive into the progressive jackpots

progressive jackpots

It is only natural that the progressive jackpots with their staggering winnings entice with the dream of an easier life. However, as the progressive jackpots are by no means guaranteed, there are some things you should consider before plunging into these slots.

Since a typical slot machine with progressive jackpots does not have a higher payout percentage than other slots, your overall chance of winning will be much less. Less, as the big main win will make up the vast majority of the total win, whereby there will be almost nothing left for the small and medium-sized wins.

You therefore run a much greater risk that your deposit will be higher than your payout. At least until you (maybe) hit the big jackpot.

Furthermore, it is often not possible to compensate for the missing winnings by downgrading your deposits, as many jackpot machines require you to use Max Bet. The game can therefore become very expensive before the big jackpot is within reach.

In your considerations, you must first of all look at your gaming budget. If it is limited, you may have to choose games with a greater possibility of payouts. The same applies if you want to play for a longer time. Instead, go for the classic slots, which have more balanced payout tables.

But if you’re after the really big win, the progressive jackpots are the only way to get there in just one or a few strokes.

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